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Our Coconut Oil is very special, as it’s supplied from Niulife. Hand-made by small coastal villages in the pristine Solomon Islands, our single-origin wild-harvested DME® Extra Virgin Coconut Oil provides a new life for the communities we support.

Their locally grown, certified organic coconuts are hand pressed within one hour of opening using their unique DME® coconut press, then tripled filtered to ensure that only the purest oil makes it into your pail.

Our Coconut Oil is:

- 100% Village produced (No factories)

- Certified Organic

- Fair Trade DME® Certified

- Cold-pressed within one hour

- Non-hydrogenated. No Trans fats

- Unrefined, Chemical & hexane free

- Oil is liquid at 23 degrees Celsius

- 100% of all profits go to community projects.

- Vegan

- Gluten Free

Our coconut oil is certified organic, sustainably sourced and ethically produced wholefood ingredients with 100% of ALL profits going back to equipping villages with everything they need to set up and sustain their own thriving local economy.


We consider every touch point in our business to ensure we’re not adding pressure to our precious earth.

So we:

- Introduced our RedCycle approved recyclable refills so you needn’t dispose of your beautiful jar

- Send our products in cardboard or compostable mailers

- Deliver with a 100% Carbon Neutral delivery service

- Work from a B-Corp certified office The Commons

- Connect our Internet with Goodtel who is an award winning carbon neutral telco who donates profits to charity


As well as caring for our environment, we are passionate about overall wellbeing, and caring for our fellow humans and animals.

We believe that we owe it to our younger generations to help them grow up healthy humans and equip them with the tools to regulate their emotions, enjoy their life and live harmoniously. That’s why we donate $1 from every purchase to Rehab4Rehab, and Alannah spends her weekends helping out at the farm washing the wonderful rescued racehorses, who are therapy buddies for kids in need!

There is a list of young people that are waiting to use Rehab4Rehabs services who can’t afford to pay, which means they can’t access much needed mental health support. Ours and your donation makes a HUGE difference to a young person’s life and gives an ex-racehorse a purposeful and humane future.

Visit Rehab4Rehab