How it all began

Hi, I’m Alannah! I created AB Organic Coconut scrub out of a desperate need to clear an intrusive and very obvious rash that covered me from head to toe. I used to model and was very hard on myself to maintain looking fit, healthy and happy. One day I woke up with a rash that spread rapidly over the week. I was getting tired of trying so hard to look good all the time, and after Doctors not being able to diagnose this intrusive rash - I figured my only chance to heal from then was to focus on health and happiness instead of good looks. I had to learn about the ingredients I was putting in and on my body, and through that I learned the more we nourish ourselves, the more beautiful we feel, and that’s what makes us truly glow.

What is now called AB Organic Coconut Scrub, was originally created from some pantry ingredients I tested and perfected to clear up my skin, which has since done the same for thousands of beauties around the world! 

After my experience, I now believe ageing and individuality is a beautiful thing. With age comes more experiences and inching closer to our true self, comes wisdom and authenticity.

I have wrinkles and rolls and lumps and bumps and an imperfect life. The beauty of life is that it’s always renewing, and so is our skin. Feeling fresh is important to me, so I scrub my face and body most mornings to encourage my skin to reform and refine. It FEELS GOOD!

AB doesn’t promise age rewind, however AB promises to polish away old skin, cleanse and nourish, and give you a fresh, silky texture, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

After just one scrub, you’ll love touching your skin :)

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This was the rash, eeek! Though it’s still painful to look at this, I’m grateful it’s never come back!