Because Size DOES matter

Hey darling,

Bigger is not just better; it's the ultimate glow-up you've been waiting for ✨

So what makes ab body scrubs different from the rest? Other than our incredible formulations specifically developed to target problematic skin concerns, using only clean ingredients, beautifully designed packaging & ethically sourced....

Our refill pouches are BIGGER than most!

We've added more value with our huge 300g refill pouch available in Coffee, Coconut & Botanical. Our bigger size comes with an unwavering commitment to quality. So, you get more, but you never compromise on the luxurious experience our scrubs promise.

Exfoliating Coffee Scrub & Hydrating Coconut Scrub.


We believe in value without compromise. Our bigger pouch doesn't just offer more scrub; it's a savvy investment in your skincare happiness. Big values, big savings – because why settle for less?
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