Our Products

At the core of our creations lies a devotion to your skin's vitality and the planet's harmony.

Specially curated with ethically sourced ingredients, our scrubs epitomize our unwavering commitment to both exceptional skincare and eco-conscious practices.

We firmly believe in the transformative potential of harnessing nature's power to deliver a multitasking solution—exfoliating, moisturizing, and revitalizing your skin to a state of softness, hydration, and radiant health. From your lips to your toes, our scrubs are versatile, ensuring every inch of your body indulges in the goodness of natural care.

What sets us apart? Not only do we prioritize your well-being, but we also extend our ethos by exclusively partnering with ethical businesses for our supplies and giving back to charity, creating a holistic experience of care for you and the world around us.


How we started

In a tale of determination, Alannah forged the AB Organic Coconut Scrub to conquer an enigmatic rash, redirecting her focus from looks to inner well-being. This creation's potency spread beyond her, offering a widely used skin rescue.

Alannah celebrates the elegance of aging, embracing individuality and the wisdom it brings. Imperfections became her muses, while the scrub served as her wand for skin rebirth. It didn't promise time reversal, but rather a rejuvenating exfoliation, purification, and the revival of healthy skin. Through this touch, a fresher skin melody emerged, inviting a newfound, gentle self-appreciation.

How we're going

Sooo, we rebranded and launched new products in 2023!

Meet your co-founders of ab body, Alannah and Tracey. We teamed up to create a beautiful, kind brand that adds value and joy to people's lives. Our journey started with a simple desire: to share the love we have for nurturing our bodies and souls.

So, who are we? We're two friends who believe that self-care isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. We're on a mission to make self-love a part of your daily routine, and our skin-loving products are just the beginning.

As for the future? Well, let's keep that part a bit mysterious for now. 😉 But know this - we're dedicated to spreading love, kindness, and radiance wherever we go.

  • Ingredients

    Our Coconut products are very special, as they're supplied from Niulife.

  • Creamy Coffee Scrub Pouch + Complimentary refillable Jar! - ab body

    Refillable & Recyclable

    Our refill pouches are RedCycle approved, so you needn’t dispose of your beautiful jar - just keep refilling it!

  • Carbon footprint

    We Send our products in cardboard or compostable mailers, and deliveries are 100% Carbon Neutral.

  • Community

    With every purchase you make, $1 goes to Rehab4Rehab, where retired racehorses collaborate with psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to assist kids in achieving their therapy goals.