Our Scrub

Welcome to the world of multi-tasking skincare, where our star player is none other than the AB Organic Coconut Scrub. More than just a scrub, it's an indulgent path to smooth, healthy & glowing skin.

Oh, and let's not forget about the stylish touch our refillable jar brings to your bathroom aesthetic. Crafted for quality and sustainability, this jar isn't just about looks – it's about reducing waste too. Designed to house our fabulous scrub, it's the perfect addition to your routine. Beautiful skin, beautiful jar – that's what we're all about.

Join us in embracing simplicity without compromising on quality.

Let your journey to radiant skin begin, all wrapped up in one gorgeous jar.

  • Coconut Oil 🥥

    Wave farewell to dryness as this tropical gem dives into your skin, leaving it ultra-hydrated, irresistibly smooth, and touchably soft. And that's not all – it's like your personal time machine, battling those stubborn signs of aging, leaving you with a captivating, natural radiance that'll make heads turn. But wait, there's more! It's a soothing, calming oasis for your skin, ready to pamper and nurture whenever you need that extra care. Embrace the magic of coconut oil and rock that youthful, glowing skin like never before! 🥥✨

  • Coconut Paste 🥥

    Retaining the unique conditioning and penetrative benefits of Coconut Oil, this decadent butter acts as a gentle yet highly protective emollient for rejuvenating the appearance of dry or damaged skin. Coconut paste's nourishing fatty acids work in harmony to strengthen your skin's defense, creating a barrier that helps soothe and shield against irritation. So, consider coconut paste your loyal guardian, ensuring your skin stays resilient, hydrated, and beautifully protected! 🥥🛡️

  • Sugar ✨

    Sugar is a dynamic exfoliant with its store of Glycolic Acid (AHA) that gently dismantles dead, lackluster skin while encouraging the emergence of fresh cells. This natural humectant draws in moisture, making it a nurturing companion for dry and sensitive skin. What's truly enchanting is how it dissolves upon water's touch, ensuring a gentle escape from your skin & drain.

    Bid farewell to dry, lifeless cells & welcome a world of smooth, radiant skin. 🌿🌟🛁

  • Coconut Nectar 🥥

    Laden with the dynamic duo of iron and zinc, along with a treasure trove of 17 amino acids and antioxidants, this elixir becomes the key to your skin's revival.

    And that's not all – in the realm of revitalization, coconut nectar showcases its prowess by boasting vitamins C and B, adding an extra layer of radiance to your skin's journey towards rejuvenation.

    This is also the beauty that gives our Coconut Scrub it's delicious scent and golden glow ✨🥥