The Product


This scrub is simple, with a simple purpose: to make you feel deliciously good! It’s packed with key organic ingredients to polish your skin and deliver hydrating nutrients that will allow you to glow, naturally.

We love a detailed skincare routine, but we are busy bees who just need something to get a few jobs done as quickly as possible. In one shower, AB Organic Coconut Scrub will exfoliate and moisturise your skin.



Wash away your worries and enhance your natural glow with our perfect combination of nourishing coconut & sugar.

AB Organic Scrub is lovingly formulated with:

- Organic Cane Sugar

- Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

- Organic Coconut Nectar

- Organic Coconut Paste

Learn about where our ingredients come from here.

The organic sugar buffs away blemishes, and allows the skin to absorb the coconut oil, which will in turn truly nourish and moisturise. 

Additionally, these ingredients have antiseptic properties; helping to heal skin conditions and preventing further breakouts. The coconut & nectar act to hold the moisture in and leave the delicious smell lingering on the skin.


You'll leave the shower feeling fresh AF.

We are more than just a skincare brand that promotes clear skin, We believe in a holistic approach to a healthy complexion and are passionate about nutritional, mental and spiritual health. Join our mailing list to receive extra care tips!

To provide environmentally sustainable, chemical-free, honest and ethical products, without the need to sacrifice style and elegance we encourage you to keep your jar and purchase a refill next time.

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